Monday, November 16, 2015

What Dreams may come

It's been a crazy year.

First and foremost i would like to thank everyone.  You’ve been an enormous part of my recovery effort and have given me the ability to continue to pursue and study quality art.  The importance of that cannot be undermined. You've made the impossible breathe.

The fundraiser was a success.  
I just started attending Safehouse Atelier fulltime.  

I'm studying; alla prima portrait, cast drawing, linear perspective, long pose figure drawing, figure construction, plein air painting, personal portfolio development, and art theory/philosophy I.  Sooooo, my week is busy.  I work on the weekends.

There are some topics i wanted to tackle but at this point i have to get some more of these commissions shipped.  Raincheck.  Enjoy some photos. Behind the scenes stuff.

Thank you.

My first 'official' cast study.

Linear Perspective 

The new recruits.

Alla Prima painting session.

Dobskys work in progress.  Insane. In an awesome kinda way.

Painting/portfolio development with Shawn. 

Hurtado giving a Plein Air demo.

Ramon with his friend Teresa taking a tour of the Atelier.