Monday, March 2, 2015

The rebelious youth and the wear and tear of age

The 'Wanderess' show went well. I had a good time and i got my projects done.  Now it's time to get ready for the next sprint. 
Here are some paintings from the new collection, for more visit my website at, and feel free to contact me for commission or purchase inquiries.

I'll also mention; isn't it funny how artists (not only painters, dancers, musicians, writers) can be some of the most passionate, dedicated, and disciplined, sacrificing virtually every luxury and pleasure to excel in their chosen field and are yet mostly poor?   Yet artwork remains a landmark for any historical period, for it's accomplishments and how it was relevant or due to circumstances of it's time. Something beautiful was created.  There is such significance there yet those who made it/collaborate in it, lived through it were rarely weatlhy, and now they are essential benchmarks in our history, driving forward culture, inspiration and context amongst it's few accomplishments.

I'll get off my soap box.  Back to creating stuff.

'Chatsworth', 20"x16"
 'Rochester', 20"x16"
 'Urbino', 20"x16"
 'Colorado', 20"x16"
 'Rome', 20"x16"

 'Tuscany', 66"x36"
'Malibu', 72"x32"

 Me before the show
 Working on a commission
 Show on
In great company