Sunday, July 27, 2014

..continuing on my direction, stumble stumble, pickup, continuing on my direction...

The studies from last week have made their first pass onto larger canvasas, new smaller studies, some drawings, some guaches, some from photos, some from life .  Ofcourse i won't post everything, but here's a taste.

Oh, and it is HHHOOOTTTT and muggy in my studio. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

breaking routine for a new routine, routinely.

Here are a couple of the studies done this week.  Done a couple more sketches, guaches, and prepping for the upcoming project.  Still pretty psyched.  Crazy busy week involving tango, yoga, bike riding, running, farmers market, Getty, waffles after 22oohrs, and massive organizing, cleaning, washing, finance organization and check, not to mention a paid freelance job.  Now... what to do this week. (paint)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

There and back again,

I've gone far and away, learned more then i expected, have grown and hope to retain what i have experienced now that i'm back 'home'. It's changed my life and how i was living it, for the better.

More then i can put into words, and incredibly excited to express in my artwork and the new portfolio i have developing.

Above are some head studies.

and dude, i've been denied all grants i've applied for previous to this trip (waiting to hear back from one more).  I'm giving it up man.  I'll do this myself.  Applying at this point has been more of a hinderance because of all the time and effort it takes and after four years... yea, i think i'll go on my own road.

On this trip my main focus was making art.  It was liberating.  I'm taking that energy and confidence with me on my new pieces.  I'm not giving up my academics, but i am strong enough to stand.