Friday, November 23, 2012

long time... here's some stuff

2 week pose (6hrs) in david simons quick sculpt class at LAAFA.  Stands at 13", oil based clay.

Another 2 week sculpt from David Simons class.  Stands at 11.5".  I might finish this one with photo reference just to see how i'd finish.
 drawings done on a 18"x12"sheet of paper.
 value studies, 20 mins, 6"x8"

Some copies i did.  first is on a panel 8"x10", other two are on 5"x8" panels.  I have a couple more tiny ones and i  had one larger Repin one which came out looking great but disappeared before i got to shoot photos.  Sad loss, i liked that painting. I think it was 9"x12", maybe a couple inches larger.

then a series of still lives, all 8"x10", and a painting 14"x11".

I'm currently working on a painting 50"x30" based on the smaller Vegas, and a Michelangelo painting based on the statue at Forest Lawn, which turned into a commission.

Hope the holidays are going well, cheers!