Monday, October 27, 2014

The lost lever.

 Small painting i did in the beginning of the week; 'Doorway in Urbino', 10"x8". 

5 min sketeches with ink.

 Figure study in V.Zanganians class at LAAFA.

 Value study with V.Zanganians class.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gypsy Queen

The life of an artist may be that of an unconventional sort.  Tired or unable to follow parameters set by societies expectations we follow our inspiration and hearts to a world where we make and break our own rules. Nothing had prepared me for the unpredictable future of choosing this path, but the reward of thinking for myself and making the most out of days which do not seem to follow guidelines certainly make an exciting and rewarding pathway to happiness.   This may not be a cookie cutter lifestyle, but the mess eventually makes a damn nice cake.

My plan; I will be going on a roadtrip with the final destination of upstate NY.  I will be making many stops along the way to check out not only museums and galleries, but to paint which will be the driving force and reason.  Nothing feels as great as the liberty of just creating. Being on the open road, no commitments, just new destinations and making art. This is my comfort zone.  This is my destination for the remainder of the year.

I'm psyched.

I will be sticking in NY state for a couple months; painting snow, tutoring, working on getting published and most importantly, finishing a portfolio.  I will eventually make my way back to Cali, to take the remainder of my classes awarded to me be the ARC scholarship which i'm so excited about and to touch base with my shed.  The remainder of my belongings now amount to barely anything since, due to my constant moving i've had to donate or trash all superfluous items. Even a great many paintings and sculptures are gone and those were the most difficult because alot of it felt like i was getting rid of my history, which to be honest is not all bad. Alot of that stuff was just not a burden i wanted to bear any longer. 

In terms of my professional career I've had to let go alot of my ideals.  Things had worked out fine for me working in a studio but being in charge of everything is a different beast.

 I've had to swallow my stubbornness, ego, and self righteousness, and will now be considering engaging with galleries which ask 50%.  I could make ends meet before, i can't now.  I have no choice but to move forward and swallow the pill.  Such is real life. I'll mention though that I'm still completely in awe of the fact artists have been ok and abiding by these terms and for some odd reason haven't boycott.  But whatever.  History has many examples of things that make me go "ugh?"

This week has been another week where i've moved alot and haven't been very artistically productive.  Here's some stuff regardless;

 Figure drawing earlier this week. F and G open workshop.

black on black study of my tango shoes.  I cleaned out this canvas but i have every intention of doing another one.

In V.Zanganians class this week.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Storm

yup. late by a day again.  I know it's tempting to say i've been out slaying evil demons and now, after battle and good bowl of cereal i'm ready to tell you about my adventures... but, that's not the case. I've been actually busy trying to keep a cool head on my shoulders as events are changing my life path for the remainder of the year. So, this week has been packing and moving week. I've checked out apts, i've searched for some jobs, but really, mostly it's been moving.

My own plans for the remainder of the year are going crazy and surprising. Just one more story in the adventures of being a fine artist. I've been hit bad in choosing this career path, but never this bad. (financially and professionally speaking, my emotions are steady enough and i have friends that are helping me out through this transition.)  I wondered if my life has been a series of bad decisions. Alas, it has not been, for when i get back to making art i get reminded of why i sacrificed so much to pursue this line of work. But man, it still hurts sometimes and i believe in a better present and in a better future.  But let me state that this is not a logical career path.

There comes a point in time when you realize fairy tales do not come true and get hit with a hard blow of reality.  Sometimes, it takes a couple times attacking different places.  I've considered myself a hard dedicated worker, with principles and morals and always thought i'd be successful.  I'll get there, just not yet. I'm taking the scenic route.

Meanwhile, here are some sketches from this week done with V. Zanganian.

Also, i got accepted to participate in 'The Man Show' taking place at Cope Studios.  Opening reception is Saturday November 8, 6-9pm, address; 926 Western Ave, Glendale, CA 91201.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A river runs through it

Excuse the non-post from last week. Lot's of crazy stuff happening.

1)i'm looking for a new place to live/studio.
2)job hunting.
4)getting an education.
5)reg ol chores.

So.  Two finished pieces. Some in progress, some studies, some drawings, a photo shoot with a friend and tea/coffee with a friend i met abroad, entered some competitions.  Cleaning, boxing stuff, cooking for friends, drinking tea and eating too much sugar. Have i mentioned entering competitions is expensive? It is.

The two finished pieces, 'River in IT' and 'Harvested wheat in FR'.  Both 30"x15"

Two studies, couch on top... a skull on the bottom.  The couch i think i may push and make it a finished piece.

some quick plein air of a sunset in malibu.

A study i did with Vadim Zanganian.  It's not done yet.

20 min drawing.  I wanted to get the hands in there and almost did (page is larger)... if i only had 10 more mins.  The hands looked so great.

A cast study. I'm considering switching my medium for these to give me greater value ranges with less effort.  If i were to make these darker with the pencil i'm using now... it would take a very long time.

Alas. that's almost the jest of it.  But i must log off now, a great deal of work awaits me before the i can call it a night and ready myself for the adventures of tomorrow.  Ciao! :)

Gonna give a shout out to some great podcasts;

'Revolutions' podcast by Mike Duncan

NPR TED radio hour podcast, latest episode on creativity.

Lastly, Happy Birthday Richard Schmid.  You have been an incredible inspiration to many and will be for many more to come. Thank you.