Friday, August 16, 2013

the scratching curve

18"x12", pen n ink

10"x6"", control of compliments, i'll be adding more color to this but  i wanted to start off with a simple strong statement and work my way yonder.

study i did at the beach.  i kinda dig this like... what? 2 minute study? minus the color mixing. She had beautiful color, i wish this girl didn't keep looking at me like i was all creepy so i could just paint her.

$550, 6"x12", oils
$450,  6"x12", oils
$450,  7"x11", oils

Some of my paintings for sale at Preferred Plants in NY. You can order their stuff online as well. Check em out

Friday, August 9, 2013

le semaine

 12"x16"study.  Palette knife gallore.

12"x16" study, i experimented with this one by going full saturation everywhere.  It was awful. I got home and toned it down a little bit and this was the product.  I then scraped it. Interesting experiment.

5"x7", study at the beach over the weekend. A little girl and her family liked it alot so i signed it to the little girl.  It was awesome.  She was so rad.

12"x6".... i had a lot of trouble shooting this image.  I'll probably retake the photo at some point so that the contrast and color are more accurate.

Class with V.Zanginian 10"x6"

2 color comps for a larger piece i'm planning.  I'm going to do three more so i don't run into the usual indecision when i paint the final product.  These are great because i'm also altering the composition and the lines i want to make, along with finding out how i want to play with the saturation, value,  color and temperature.  small panel about 8"wide.

Update on the sculpt.

Now time for quality vs. quantity ay?

Friday, August 2, 2013

just a stranger

16"x12", oils



Sculpt wk 2 from D.Simons portrait sculpting class

photo taken of my modeling for M.McDonnell's character class.