Monday, November 24, 2014

Hit the road Jack

In Cali. 

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 Sketchbook page. Cali.
 Sketchbook page. Arizona and Utah.
 Sketchbook page, Colorado.
 On we go.  Nebraska is next.

Friday, November 21, 2014


On this trip my blogging abilities are very limited.

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Thanks!  In Colorado now, incredible trip thus far!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Off the grid and onto the map.

"window grid"

a study for this week.

Busy busy. Had a show this past saturday.

The Man Show, @ Cope Studios in Glendale, CA.  Up till Jan 3.

I'll be on the rd fri morning. Exciting stuff to come!

Monday, November 3, 2014

When the levee breaks

Life, at 31 feels now like a blank slate.

I heard a song the other day, cheerful, telling its audience to follow their dreams. I thought to myself and then proceeded to share the thought with the others who were around me that i thought the song should be banned.  Not that i think it should really be banned but it made it sound like pursuing your dreams was as easy as a decision, they forgot to mention it took and arm, a leg, and everything else you had.  Doing this is hard hard work, i'm getting so tired of getting put to the test but i know that everyday i have to pick up speed.  It seems to be at times, hopeless.

Another interesting vision occurred yesterday as i was running.  I was listening to a song and giant Polaroid snapshots floated up amidst darkness.  These were my desires, my dreams, my self-expectations and they went up in flames and left me walking on their ashes. The ashes turned to little bits of gunmetal forming an interchangable skin and inside i was seemingly hallow.   My future unpaved.  All i can do now is place one foot in front of the other, hope this lower back pain caused from my moving so much goes away and survive.  A simple order of business made much more difficult by one who 'chooses to pursue a dream'.

Now, the above is one point of view. When i feel like crap and want to self reflect in a negative light, which happens less and less, this is what occurs to me. The other side of things is this; i still am doing what I love, i am still learning and progressing although in an unstandard sort of way.  Me, by not having an official home (maybe my car), am getting to know alot of friends in a way i wouldn't have known them before which has been a very positive experience.  I get the freedom to go where i want (within certain financial parameters) when i want and i barely own anything so i don't have baggage.  I get to travel, and paint.  My priorities are also being set straight; i am more focused, direct, patient, disciplined and considerate.  I'm also alot less judgmental.  Who am i to judge after all?  It's when we get our ass kicked by life that we break out of our mold and build our own structure.  Just make sure you have a bathroom.

Alot of this week has been sorting, working, and some art.  This coming week will be artwork, taking care of car stuff before my trip, planning my trip.  I'll also need to consider how i am going to handle my business this coming year to yield more successful crop.  Edible, the good stuff. 

There is a Rubens show at the Getty. Check it out;

Some people have it easier then i when pursuing a dream, for sure.  Some people have it harder and some don't have the choice.  At some point I'll have built a life which won't be as hard and lived in a solitary state but i no longer dream of these things.  My imagination has been beat senseless by reality and i cannot indulge on what is not laying on my hands.  Time will tell what the future holds and i must continue to work my ass off everyday while enjoying every moment to make this life worth living.


 quick sketch.
quick plein air. 

study done in V.Zanganians class.

...just to finish the day off, a painting by Sargent.  Just cuz i wanted to post it.  I'll be seeing more of his paintings in person soon as i roadtrip across the country. Not once, but twice.  I believe this specific one is at the Gardner Museum in Boston.