Sunday, January 26, 2014

dead lines

This week started off pretty productive and varied.  Drew at open workshops, got some deadlines covered, and am now swimming on some more challenging painting deadlines.  

small study done in C.Dobskys class at LAAFA.  Black, white, burnt sienna and yellow ocher. 

 Detail of a painting i'm working on. Running into some roadblocks when it comes to painting skin still but toughing it through and working it out. It has monopolized my weekend with incessant repaints and remixing.  Hopefully finishing it later today, because i have to finish a whole new one (or two) this week for another deadline.

Now... back to work.  And some tea.   'Stuff you should know' and 'Talking History; The Italian Unification' podcasts on radio play this week. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014 about.

crazy week as usual.  but here are some lights and darks;

a study of boots; this is the first quick sketch of it.  I'm finishing it up today and reposting it on this thread when i get decent photos.

trying out charcoals... oh boy... uhhh, not getting the point yet but you know, baby steps.

a portrait study in oils

I'm working on a larger portrait of a friend for a show coming up next month which should be super exciting!!!!!  More news on that to follow.

I also went to the L.A. Art Show; here are some pieces i dug;

Sunday, January 12, 2014

HOLY COW, 2014!!

Whoa.  Lot's of awesome stuff planed for 2014.  But to start off i'll introduce.... updated news!!!

Two of my paintings have been selected for the CAC Gold Medal exhibition this year, which is awesome. 

One of my paintings is 'Boots', oil on panel,  9"x12"

Here is a quick study i did yesterday of a bear dressed as a frog, with a pepper.  I had a lot of peppers going bad so before putting them in a bake i had to paint them.  Colors!  Yup.  8"x10", oil on panel.

And lastly, a painting i had been working on, i don't know if i'm done with it yet.  20"x16".

Some pretty awesome shows coming up too.  I'll keep postings up and to date. Lot's of competitions i'm beginning to apply for.  So, fresh year, fresh start, fresh perspective, fresh future, fresh veggies.  Happy New Year.