Monday, July 27, 2015

low battery

I received the invite from Russia and can't go.
I no longer have any of my legal documents and officially can't afford it.  Prior to the burglary however I could have pursued an academic education.

That said, i have come to the decision that it is a better idea for me to stick around l.a. for my potential art education.  There are fantastic teachers here and I found some great friends.  I am grateful.

In losing my entire life savings i've realized that perhaps i should have spent the money i worked so hard to earn more... because now it's all gone.  All my hard work, investment and time and dream, Gone.  It's time for me to live a more sustainable life. I'm going to change some things to steady up.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When all that glitters gets gone

I woke up this morning to move my car and find my life savings, personal and legal documents, and jewelry stolen.  

These items were In my car because I move too much and the place I'm currently residing has no locks.  Every time I tried to lock up, the lock was compromised providing no indoor security, there were also frequent visits from strangers.

I was going to touch base on this weeks blog on the subject of financing education.  To keep it short since I have a lot to deal with right now, no matter how many friends you have in the system you will not receive an education if you cannot pay for it.  Which, really, is appropriate.  We do not live off favors, it's always an exchange.  If something seems too convenient and easy, look behind the curtain, there is an alternate motive lingering there and the likelyhood is that you won't like it.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jungle boogie

I followed up with Repin regarding my visa/invite.  The lady responsible looked into it and found that the guy responsible for sending it out never sent it out.  So we're giving it another go. I heard back from her on Monday.  (Yesterday).

Plan B is well underway.  I've built a lot in Los angles in terms of means to survival and relationships. I've set myself some other exciting goals so life will not feel as though it's on a standstill.  I'm still pursuing full time education with a big question mark of how to fund it. One step at a time.  Meanwhile, I'm creating and working.  Post photos soon, Internet and comp are still issues.

That's all folks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Waiting game

I still have not heard from Russia with the invite.  I'm searching for plan b. Plan c involves me moving to Hawaii and spending the rest of my days stealing piña coladas.

 Receiving the invite and attaining the visa is only the first part of a very arduous goal, the second part is seeking funding.  I cant seize studying the language though, All be it in a slow, self taught, haphazardous way.

I've started and am continuing on a new series of paintings called 'the cutter'.  I'm also getting acquainted with the beauty of delegating. No man, I cannot master everything, yes I need everything well done.  Ok, I'll pay you. Yes, I'll do some research to make sure you're not ripping me off.  Would you like some popcorn?

Also worth noting but fairly irrelevant to art; California has free medical clinics.  The service I've encountered is quality, and although they cannot provide the same health benefits someone with health insurance can, they are there. I am delving further into the system of health insurance and believe I can be provided for with limited benefits.  Kaiser has a program which it rotates its doctors from their regular rounds at paid medical facilities to the free ones.  Thanks to them.  Also, although we haven't been able to diagnose exactly what occurred with my arm (there is some speculation), it has been regaining its mobility and strength slowly but surely.  Good job body at doing your job.

And, and event in the U.S. Worth mentioning, congrats to the gay/lesbian community for attaining equal marriage rights in the u.s.  Your relationship can now be a three some with the govt as well. :)

Excuse the irregularity on the posts, I still don't have a computer or the Internet.  It happens, I think the world will survive, also, for whatever reason the blog won't let me post photos via iPad.  When I get to a comp I'll post some.  Meanwhile, да сведаня.