Tuesday, December 15, 2015

13 Days of Art


So i'm having a 13 Days of Art Sale, all the pieces are on 25% Markdown from their original price.

Here's a little bit about each one;
1) This was painted over a 1-2 hour period in 2014 in Malibu.  I tend to like plein air painting in the morning  or at night time, this one took place in the morning.  I'm particularly fond of grays and foggy days so this piece was really exciting to me.  Eventually, i would like to do a large seascape with the same general idea.  It's on my to-do list. Maybe i'll see a mermaid.

2) Dude.  This drawing took approximately 90 hours.  It's my first cast study and i still don't know how i feel about it, I really enjoyed he process though.  It's so fun.  So really, this is my first piece after my fundraiser and my studying full time at Safehouse Atelier, my first 'academic' drawing, and the longest i have ever worked on a piece, by far.  A milestone.  Kinda great if you think about it.

3) When i got back from travelling abroad... jeez, was it two years ago??  Nah, it was last year, i went on a painting frenzy.  I was so inspired.  This is one of the small studies i did for a new collection based on my travels.  I was visiting Florence, Italy at the time and decided to stay in a small town close by called Carmignano.  It was really incredible.  Olive trees everywhere, great food, great people, great runs, fireflies, italian, art.

4) Yup.  This little guy is based on the same place as part of the same series.  I painted both of these studies in... 2014.

5) This is a paint study i did while i lived in Chatsworth, CA.  2013.  It was a great place.  I rented a room, great roomates, the owner of the house was... interesting.  The morning runs in the mountains were priceless.  I ended up getting kicked out because i wanted the owner to provide me with some necessities so i could take better care of her doggies, they spent most of their time with me since my studio was located there as well.  My good friend Samantha is the model.  She's terrific.

6) Ahhhh, Vegas.  I have a large version of this painting, 30"x40".  It's a part of my private collection.  It was my first large painting and it really started the beginning of an adventure i would have never in my life imagined possible.  Insane.  Anyhow, this was painted in 2010? 2011 maybe.  A good friend of mine posed for this one, it was her birthday and a bunch of friends went to Vegas to celebrate.  We had a fantastic time.. but really, i wouldn't care if i ever landed in Vegas again.  Too full of facades, gambling and a bunch of other stuff i don't care for.  I dug drinking in the streets though. That was cool. And my company was awesome.  One of the nights we went dancing i ended up dancing the nail right off my big toe.  It took awhile to grow back.  So i don't end this on a gross note, I was invited to some posh nude pool party. I didn't go.

7) Yeaaa, This is another study from my abroad series.  The collection is called 'Wanderess'.  Now you see how much i was inspired.  I have to go do this again.  The light in the room was classic, the room, rustic, it had such a glamour, worn and old world feel to it.  Antique furniture, the window overlooking the small city, lined with flowers, sounds of nature and a nice summer breeze.  I miss that place.  Painted in 2015... actually, for my solo show earlier this year.

8) This is a still life i painted in 2014.  There were occasions when i came across fresh flowers inside the house.  I loved painting them.  They were beyond gorgeous.

9) Some oldies.  I think this was painted in 2010 or early 2011.  Right at the very beginning of my journey when i choose to become a fine artist.  Shooting the ref for this was fun... my roomate at the time took photos and i got to hang from the ceiling with a rope.  It hurt. I had a mark on my ankle for months.

10) Another super old one.  2010.  Again, right at the beginning of my journey... thought i'd do a self portrait with a chain.  I won a sessions scholarship from LAAFA with this one.

11) This is one of my favorites.  It's been published in what? 2, 3, 4 books?  I dunno.  I think i also painted this one in 2010.  Part of the 'black and white' series.

12) This was painted in 2011.  I was going through an interesting cycle where i was adapting to life as a fine artist.  I was a commercial/entertainment artist before, the lifestyle change was beyond a 360, it crossed dimensions.  I changed alot in the past 5 years.  More then i could have ever known.  I was very confident back then, i could conquer the world.  Then the world ate me alive. I think i'm still in the digestive track.
*random note; i had food poisoning today.
13) a surprise.

Thanks for your time.  Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

@ the Getty Villa.