Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Dream of an artist

I've put up an IndieGOGO campaign in an attempt to fund my education.
Please check it out.

also feel free to check out my site; There are paintings there which have already been sold or are being sold at Abend Gallery.

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I've composed a reward system.  Here is the artwork available;
-If the artwork is unframed you may choose to have it framed prior to shipping with extra charge.
-If you would like to discuss an alternate option for a donation feel free to contact me.

$50-Tiny Painting (little secrets collection)
Tiny painting; 3x1.75 painting or tiny commission or 5"x8" drawing

 3"x1.75"  (or so) original paintings.  framed and unframed.

3"x5" Zorn copy

$100-original sketch
(these are examples, not for sale)

$300-Small Plein Air Painting; 7"x5"
sargent copy, 'Capri girl', 8”x4”, oils unframed

sargent  copy, 'head of capri girl',  6”x4”, oils unframed

schmid copy, 6”x4”, oils, unframed

Fechin copy/wife, 5”x7”, unframed

Fechin copy/wife/bl, 6”x8”, unframed

some examples of my plein air;

Some painting studies.

vegas study     5”x7”, oils, unframed

-little paint study with final painting to the right (large version available for sale @Abend Gallery, called 'Carmignano')

$500-Small-Med Painting; 
tuscany study, 6”x12”x oils, unframed 
chatsworth study  8”x10”, oils unframed

Repin copy ; Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin, 8”x10”, oils unframed

Repin copy; 'Portrait of V.V.Stasov',  9”x12”, oils, unframed

red, 10x8, oils, framed
blue, 10x8”, oils, framed
white, 12”x12”, oils, framed

green pot,  8”x12”, oils, framed

boots,  9x11.5 oils, framed

self portrait front,  8”x10”, oils, unframed

black and white sm quickstudy collection; 8”x10”, unframed

portrait with chain bw  9”x12, unframed

upside down -10”x16”, oils, framed

cast study,  14"x11", oils, framed

Model bw,  11”x14”, oils, unframed
portrait drawing-  18”x12”, pen n ink, framed

male back bw copy;  9”x12” oils, unframed

bouguereau bw copy,  9x12” , oils, unframed

drawingof girl w/ glasses  15”x8”, pen n ink, framed

drawing of woman with hat  18”x12”, pen n ink, framed

$1000-Med Painting;

Persephones box,  28”x14”, oils framed
Room in Tuscany, 12x16, oils unframed

Brullov copy,  20”x10”, oils, unframed


Atwater -, 36”x12”, oils framed

chatsworth, 20”x16”, oils, unframed

Portrait with earrings, 16”x12”, oils, framed

Thousand Oaks-16”x20”, oils, unframed

Reseda, 20"x16", oils, framed

Redondo Beach- 16”x20”, oils framed

France 30”x15”, oils, framed

Molino, IT-  30”x15”, oils, unframed

Repin Copy, 'Portrait of Baroness Varvara Ivanova Hildenbrandt', 36”x14”, oils, unframed

Los Angeles 24”x18”, oils, framed

Arizona, 30”x40” oils, framed

$10,000-Lifesize painting or commission. 

Malibu, 72”32”, oils, framed

$25,000- a large multiperson commission, to completed after graduation (2 years)

$50,000-really large commission painting to be completed post graduation. (2 years)

The Battle Ground; Self Taught vs an Institute.
In an institute, there is the camaraderie.  In a class, you can learn a great deal from your peers as well as the teachers themselves.  A class environment allows a group to provide encouragement, critiques and debate philosophy, art, history and beyond.  As a niche evolves, the shared experiences build the foundation for not only further artistic exploration, but the friendships needed to provide each other support down the road. 
Conversely, fill in the blank.  In a self taught course an individual is more likely to implement a chaotic strategy to their education, re-inventing the wheel on a daily basis.  You don’t even need a wheel… what are you doing inventing one… we have sub particle transport systems. Furthermore there may be great gaps in the knowledge of fundamental principles that prevent steady artistic growth.  Developing a successful curriculum takes experience and knowledge of what leads to the desired outcome. Time practicing a concept is also necessary till it becomes second nature.  In a full time program, you're spared the pain staking task of location scouting and availability and are instead provided with all the resources necessary allowing the student to focus on the task at hand.  It’s a big deal.
Finally, teach me.  With a successful curriculum in place, an educator is ever present, guiding the way through difficult terrain,  providing solutions to missteps, and planning strategies to further attain educational goals. Swords not included.
I’m going to take a moment to say… Harry Potter wouldn’t have made it very far without an education… I know there are many of you HP fans out there.  It would have been a very different story.   The president wouldn't be where he is either.  WIthout education, our choices become limited and our successes fewer.